How can I open an account with Trustly?

Trustly is a payment provider and our service does not require registration — our users don’t have an account with Trustly. Our service works with instant bank transfers made through our payment window. In order to transfer funds through Trustly, all you need to do is to select Trustly among the payment options in the merchant’s checkout and follow the simple steps.

How to deposit and use our service?

Our service doesn’t require downloading or registration, simply select Trustly among the payment options on the merchant’s website and then follow the next simple steps:
1. Select your bank and log in as you normally do.
2. Choose the account from which you wish to pay.
3. Confirm your payment with your preferred authentication method.

I made a transaction, why hasn’t the money arrived?

An instant deposit through Trustly is usually completed within minutes, however, in some rare cases it can take additional 1-2 bank days to complete. Keep in mind that sometimes it may take a bit longer due to public holidays and weekends. If you’ve noticed a delay with your payment, please contact the merchant with a copy of your payment. They will be able to assist you right away. If for some reason the merchant can’t assist you, please submit a copy of the transaction from your internet bank via our contact form so that we can help you out.